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3 Branding Sins You Commit In Your Blog

By Amy

Oct 26

Don't commit these Branding  sins 

Hi Everyone, my name is Eve, and I was invited by the gorgeous Amy to help you with your brands. 🙂

In this topic, we are going to discuss:

     - Blogging

     - Monetization  

     - Branding


Blogging, Monetization & Branding

So, if you have ever thought of making money with your blog or are already making some, then this post can give you some food for thought.

You dream about a laptop lifestyle, building your tribe and earning some money by doing that what you love, then carry on reading.

So, what is a brand? A brand is an image in clients’ mind which clients create on their own, based on the experience of the product or service, feedback from other clients and information shared by the brand.

So, what can possibly dilute this image or send a wrong message?

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Sin No 1. Writing for Everyone.

Being known as Jack of all trades and master of none is the most common issue. If you write a personal blog, it may not be oriented towards anyone. But if you want to sell something, you will need to show your expertise. Many believe that if they narrow down their niche, they will get fewer readers.

There are two ways to monetize your blog —One, through advertisements and affiliates where the link will guide your readers away from your blog, and two— through your products or services. The number of readers in both cases is different. To make a decent income via ads, you need to attract a lot of people but to sell your own products you need to attract people who are willing to buy and it’s usually a lesser number. So where is the catch? Well, you need to create your product, make a blog which is dedicated to this area of expertise and attract relevant readers. Whoever opens your blog needs to feel that you write for them. I know where the resistance comes at this point, you think it will be boring, you want to write a journal-style writing and you want to write about everything. If those desires are desperate, then have two blogs, because if you want to sell you need to specialize.

Blogger Sin #1 Writing for Everyone. Find out the rest at  http://wp.me/p7IY3K-cX

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Sin No 2. Absence of an Environment

What the blog’s environment is and why is it important? It includes everything from how the blog is structured to the style elements.

Imagine, you enter an excellent restaurant which has a fantastic interior, lovely music, great service, delicious food and you have an awesome conversation. The same works for your blog too. Your reader feels how all the elements in the blog work together. What images you use, what design you use, what colours etc. Is your logo legible and memorable? I know that free calligraphic fonts are in trend but if they make your logo unreadable don’t use them. And how about photography? A good picture can invite millions. But the common myth nowadays is that everyone is a photographer so where is the need to pay for a professional. Well, professionals provide quality all the time and so can you if you master a few skills. Do they have excellent pictures because of good cameras? No! Photographers learn composition, mood, ideas; they train their photographic eye and much more. They really work hard on it every day, believe me. Think what type of visual content will support your brand and tell the visual story in an emotional and a storytelling style. That will involve your readers and can help you to build a deeper connection and make more clients.

Blogger Sin #2 Abscence of an environment. Find out the rest at  http://wp.me/p7IY3K-cX

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Sin No 3. Soulless Writing

When people think about blogging for business, they often create ghosts of the corporate sites. That means tonnes of dead boring content which neither addresses any particular person nor look like it’s written by a human. Blogging is a very different art, even if you try to build a business around it. It is so much about your personality, about your life behind the scenes, and of course telling an engaging story. The environment has to be live and real. It's as if readers are with you in one room, one journey, one office. But if you base your headlines and copy only on SEO and keywords you may be missing something. Sounds weird? Well, not really. Many bloggers use really poor headlines for their blog posts, but they seem excellent from the SEO point of view. How to fix it? Write your content for people and if you know who your readers are, imagine what will blow their mind and add the wow factor to the headline. The best way to do it is to imagine your ideal reader right in front of you while you are writing. Write from your heart and desire to help your clients. Touch your reader’s dreams, emotions, pain points, make it beneficial, show your expertise and personality at the same time.

Blogger Sin #3 Soulless writing. Find out the rest at  http://wp.me/p7IY3K-cX

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These 3 points are a useful checklist which can improve your blogging skills and help you to monetize your blog and sell naturally. Brand driven blogging makes a powerful impact and makes your readers come back to you again and again because they want to know what’s coming next.

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