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Reflectors: 5 Ways to Boost Photos In 1 Tool

By Amy

Oct 12

Add light without electricity 

5-in-1 reflectors are a great way to add light to your subject without electricity or a battery.

5-in-1 reflectors come in multiple shapes and sizes.  

The size you need depends on what you're shooting.

Why are they called a 5-in-1 reflector?

Simple!  5 options in 1 unit!

Diffuser, white, silver, gold and black.

reflectors video tutorial

Why are 5-in-1 reflectors handy?

A flash is easy.  A flash is small, but these 5-in-1 reflectors are super simple, fast and don't require electricity.

I love using a these babies because they usually add just enough light and you can easily position it where you want.​

​I have 3 sizes...22 inches and 43 inches round as well as the 40"x60" oblong one.  Those are the sizes you will see in the video.  There is also a triangular shaped one, but I don't have it.

Add light to your photos without electricity. See how to use a 5-in-1 reflector with this video tutorial!

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5-in1 Reflectors: The breakdown...

reflectors video tutorial
Center-Diffusion Panel

Used between you subject and your light source to diffuse the hard light and create soft light on your subject

White Side

Used to bounce light back onto your subject to decrease the shadows.  Another great use for the white side (when yours isn't stained like mine) is to use it as a photography backdrop when you're shooting something smaller, or it can be positioned in a way that you aren't seeing the edges.  If you accidentally took a pic and the edges show up in the photo, you can always edit that out as well.  

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reflectors video tutorial
Silver Side

Used to bounce light back onto your subject to decrease the shadows. Silver can be used midday to combat very bright light, but it often it too much and cause hot spots on your subject. 

Gold Side

Used to bounce light back onto your subject to decrease the shadows. Gold is best used close to sunrise and sunset when the light's color temperature is similar to that of the gold.  Be careful not to create hot spots on your subject.

Black Side

Black is used to absorb light when you have too much.  It isn't shown very well in this video, but using black will help decrease the amount of light in the area.

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