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Android Apps For Photo Editing

By Amy

May 31

My fav Android apps

We ALL love our smartphones.  I mean honestly, they're by our side more often than not!

This leads us to the debate, iPhone or Android.

There can be some pretty heated debates over the 2 platforms, but that's not what I really want to get into​.

Android apps

What I really want to discuss today are photo editing apps for Android devices!

If you're an iPhone lover, please check out this post here.​

My Favorite Android Apps for Photo Editing

I won't lie, I've loved my iPhone for MANY years, but I wanted to make sure I gave you the BEST advice related to Android apps that I could.  So, I purchased a Samsung Galaxy S7!  

Yeppers!  I bought it to help YOU!  It's not even connected to a phone number.

The good news is that several of my Favorite iPhone apps can be found as Android apps too!! SAAWEET!!​

Unfortunately, one of my favorites, just didn't make the cut for Android devices though and I'm SUPER bummed out about it!

Over is an app that I use for every one of my blog images and I absolutely can't stand it on an Android device.  It doesn't have nearly the same functionality and everything is an in-app purchase.  

That's enough about what I don't like.  It's time for me to tell you about the ones that I do like!​

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Best All Around Photo Editing App

This is a great app for basic edits. However, don't let the word "basic" fool you. It is a pretty powerful app!

iPhone apps

For a free app, one thing that amazes me, is that they are constantly updating the app and adding new features!

Snapseed for Android

I recently created an in depth video tutorial on Snapseed. It explains what all of the tools are, what the subcategories within each tool are, and how each affects your photos. ​Grab your video tutorial here and learn how you can achieve high-quality photo edits directly on your phone and save yourself tons of time

Best Photo Retouching/Healing Tool App

Touch ReTouch for Android 

You may wonder why. Why, do I need to spend money on this app. Snapseed is free and it has a healing brush.

You need this app  because it's DA BOMB!

iPhone apps

It's SO much more powerful and accurate than Snapseed!!

You can seriously stop pulling your hair out if you've been trying to remove objects with the healing tool inside other apps. ​

This is most definitely one of my most favorite photo editing apps!! ​

This Android app has special settings for removing full lines, partial lines, objects and MORE!!​

It has been a life saver for me when I can't remove unwanted items before I hit click the shutter button. This app can handle everything from simple blemishes to removing entire objects!

photography tips cellphone camera

Ever get fly away hairs or unwanted power lines in your photo? This app is totally worth a couple bucks and will save your sanity if you've been trying to fix your photos using other healing tools!!​

If this app can't handle the job, the only thing I rely on is Adobe's Photoshop!

Want to see what this app can do? Check out the video tutorial I have on it!​

Android apps

Best Shallow Depth Of Field App...aka that dreamy/blurry background

iPhone apps

If you have a phone similar to the Galaxy S7 with their Pro Mode or Selective Focus mode and even the iPhone's Portrait mode, then you won't need this app UNLESS you forget to change it to one of these settings prior to taking the photo.  

After Focus for Android​

Once the photo is taken in the default mode, this app will become your new best friend!

After a photo is taken, you can blur the background of your photo to give it a beautiful bokeh effect or achieve that shallow depth of field that fancy cameras can create.

I'm sure you're not surprised to hear this, but I have a video tutorial that I've created for it as well. So, if you want to see this app in action check it out!

***Side note...the tutorial was created using the iPhone version of the app.  Thus, the interface looks slightly different.  I will update this page once I have an Android version of this tutorial.  However, the tools work the same way in both apps.  

blurry background iphone apps
blurry backgrounds iphone apps

Blog Image Creation App

android apps - desygner

I'm still looking for the best blog image creator, but so far I'm liking an app called Desygner.  

Desygner for Android reminds me of  Unfortunately, I'm still trying to get the hang of using it.  If I can, this will be one of my favorite apps!!

Best File Compression App

Android apps photo compress

When your photos are large and/or you use many photos on your page, this will slow down your load speed and no one wants that!!

This handy little app will help you keep your file sizes small and your page loading fast!  

Photo Compress for Android​

I love that you can pick how much compression you want to apply! It's no one size fits all type deal.  LOVE IT!

The best #photoediting #apps for #android. Take your #blogphotos and your #biz to the next level!

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Best App for Applying Text

Android apps text over photo

I know there are a million apps out there strictly to apply text.  What I like about this one is that it's easy to use, has a ton of font choices and it makes adjustments super easy!  You can pick from outlines, to glows, to spacing, and so much more!! This app was really fun to play with!

Text Over Photo for Android​

Best Metadata Editor

Android Apps photo exif editor pro

I love the ease this app offers for editing metadata.  You can easily pull up a photo and add your business name and your name to the photos!  No more worrying about someone questioning whether or not it's yours to use.  It has all of your info already plugged in!! 

Photo ​Exif Editor Pro for Android

Promising apps

These 2 apps have shown me some promise.  I still want to play around with them some more, but I really liked some of their features.  I'd love to know if you use them and what you think!

Android apps Photo studio
Android Apps PhotoDirector
Please leave me a comment below with your favorite Photo editing Android app!

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