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Amy is the owner extraordinaire at Learn Blog Photography and Amy Paris Photography. She's a single mom to an amazing teenage son. She's passionate about photography and skiing (downhill), the faster the better! Sign up for a FREE 30-min call to light up your photos & biz!

Jan 15

Smartphone & Ring Light Kit…A Review

By Amy

Smartphone and Ring Light Stand Kit...A Review | blogging tips | blog photos | smartphone lighting tips | blog photography | smartphone lighting accessories | entrepreneur tips | website photos |

Is it Fab or Drab? You may understand the importance of having good light.But do you know what to look for or how to get it?If you’re a blogger, I’m sure you’ve been tempted by many different types of portable lighting gizmos.Today I wanted to give the smartphone ring light kit a try to see […]

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Nov 23

Black Friday Smartphone Photography Deals!!

By Amy

black friday deals | cyber monday deals | smartphone photography deals | photography deals | bloggers photography | food photography deals | travel photography deals | lifestyle blogger deals |

GRAB your deal before it’s gone!  Everyone loves a great deal, right?!Now’s your chance to get 50% off my most popular courses!!Use the coupon code GRATEFUL4YOU to get 50% OFF theWith the PHOTO EDITING MINI COURSE you will:Learn how to take your smartphone photos from good to great to really stand out from your competition.Learn how to […]

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Nov 01

Food Bloggers: How To Get a High-End Kitchen Look On An Apartment Budget

By Amy

How to Get A High-End Kitchen Look on an Apartment Budget |Food Bloggers | Blog tips | Blog Photos | Website Photos | Faux marble | Fancy Kitchen | best foodie photos | budget photo tips | photo backdrops

No Fancy Kitchen needed If you’re anything like me, you wish you could have the picture perfect kitchen.  You know what I’m talking about…The white subway tile backsplash, stainless steel appliacances, the distressed hardwood floors, and marble or granite counter tops.  Oh and of course, you’d have several large windows creating STELLAR lighting for your food photos!However, […]

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Oct 25

How to Take Pinterest Worthy Photos with Your Smartphone

By Amy

Take Pinterest Worthy Photos with Your Smartphone | Blog photos | social media photos | blog images | website photos | blogger tips | smartphone photography | android photography | samsung photography | galaxy s7 | iphoneography | iphone photography

Quality Pinterest Pins You’ve heard it a million times before…a picture is worth a thousand words.When it comes to blogs and online businesses, this couldn’t be further from the truth.  Photos are the visual representation of your brand.  They help you build visibility, increase traffic, conversion and sales.  Thus, it improves your know, like and […]

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Oct 04

Understanding Shallow Depth of Field

By Amy

Understanding Shallow Depth of Field | blog photography | website photos | photo tips | smartphone photography | smartphone photo tips | food photography | product photography | entrepreneurial photo tips | DOF |

how football & photography are connected Does the photography concept of shallow depth of field have you stumped?Once you read this, I know you’ll finally grasp the concept.There’s only 1 thing you have to understand before reading this article…Are you familiar with the field for American Football?  If you aren’t sure of where the goal […]

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Sep 25

How To Create A Blurry Background on Android

By Amy

Create Professional Looking Photos With Your Android Device | Blog photos | Blog Photo Tips | Website photo tips | food bloggers | smartphone photography | android photography | photo editing tips | photo editing apps

Create the fancy camera look with your smartphone Do you wish you could create a beautiful photo with a blurry background on Android?Don’t think you can’t achieve a beautiful bokeh effect or shallow depth of field because you don’t have a fancy camera.Using your Android (or iOS) based smartphone and the photo editing app After […]

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Sep 08

Gear Review: The Flex Pan Tripod Mount

By Amy

Flex Pan Tripod Mount Gear Review | blogger tips | photography gear | photography tips | website photo gear | photography gear review | flat lay tips | blog photos | blog images | website photos | flat lay photo tips

Is it fantastic for flat lays? Flex pan tripod mount…my unbiased opinion.  I purchased this with my own money and will not receive compensation from the company for my review!My first thought was a surprise to me…WOW! It’s heavy!And it hasn’t disappointed me since. See how easy it is to use and how it will […]

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Sep 01

Create Stunning Blog Images with Photo Editor

By Amy

Create Stunning Blog Images with the App Photo Editor | Website Images | Website Photos | Blogging tips | Entrepreneurial Tips | Image Design | Creativity | Smartphone Photography | Photo Editing App | Android Photography

FREE App with amazing talent For Android, this is my FAVORITE app for image creation!!!It’s amazingly powerful and I don’t even use all of the awesome features!!Check out the video to see why I love it and what you can create with it!Get the app in the Google Play Store (not an affiliate link). FREE […]

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Aug 23

Flatlay Tips for Fabulous Photos

By Amy

Flatlay Tips for Fabulous Photos | blogging tips | Blogger tips | blog photos | entrepreneurial tips | Photo tips | blog photography tips | website photo tips

how to rock your flatlays I’ve sure you’ve seen it all over the web, but you may not have realized this type of photo had a name. It’s quite fitting actually, but not something I had given much thought to prior to hearing the term flatlay about a year ago.  ​ Let’s take a look at how […]

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