Biz Photo Shoot: 10 Tips For Looking Amazing

By Amy

Sep 07

oh no! What to wear?

what to wear

Photo courtesy of  Rowenda Bernardo, Facebook

What you wear for your biz photo shoot says a lot about you as the owner, your business as a whole and should remain consistent with your branding.  There's a lot of more to picking out clothes than just what looks good on you. 

Do you have a photo shoot coming up for your biz?

Are you wondering what you should wear for it ?

Learn From My Mistake...It's not all about colors

I just had my first ever photo shoot for my biz and it was a blast! It definitely helps that I knew the photographer taking the photos and we laughed the entire way through it.

I was a little unprepared for my photo shoot despite knowing what I needed to know about what to wear. There was one thing I didn't take into serious consideration...the weather!

I'm from Chicagoland, but was out visiting friends in Arizona. A friend of mine who lives there is a hobbyist photographer, so I asked her to take some pics that I could use on my website and of course she said HELL YA!

The problem was I didn't have clothes to wear appropriate for the massive heat that they experience, even at 6am. Yes, we were out at daybreak, just to take these photos and I was still sweating like a pig!

So, my jean jacket was not going to be a great idea. Luckily, the friend I was staying with has a massive wardrobe and I was able to find a cute top, in my biz colors that worked wonders!!

what to wear

Dress shoe options out of frame, but just as many options

Dressing for your next Biz photo shoot...It's more than just what looks good. Find out the deets and dress for success! 

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Demystifying what to wear.  Here are the do's and don'ts...

1- Colors are consistent or complimentary to your brand

This one is simple. Stick with colors that are consistent with your brand’s colors. By remaining consistent with your colors, your viewers/clients will be better able to recognize your business. What if you don't own those colors and can't afford to go shopping?

I get it. We all have to start somewhere, and you may not be ready to spend a lot of extra money. Then at the very least, wear neutral or compatible colors to your business’s brand. That way, you’ll be able to use you brand colors in conjunction with the photos you have and your clothes won’t clash.

2- Clothing colors are consistent with the emotion 

What vibe or emotion are you trying to convey? If you have a very cheerful business persona, you wouldn’t want to wear dark or drab colors. Make the overall look consistent.

3- The colors you pick says a lot about you

Are you wanting to come across powerful and authoritative? Then stick with some reds and avoid blues that are going to convey a more calm and relaxing emotion. Make sure the colors that you use represent the attitude of your business. However, this should’ve already been figured out, so I hope this goes along with the overall vibe of your business.

4- Avoid all white or all black

When people use all black or white it becomes very easy to lose the detail within the clothing. Instead of it looking flattering, it will just become flat, boring and unflattering. In photography terms this is called “blown out”. It means all detail is lost, and it’s typically unrecoverable when you go to edit the photo. Sometimes with black it can be slightly easier to pull back the details, but once white is’s gone.

5- Keep the pattern simple

If a pattern is too busy, it will distract the view from the main subject and their focus will be lost. However patterns are not off limits. Just limit the amount of patterns used.

6- Include textures

Textures add depth. By adding textured clothing or background elements, you increase your the visual interest through the changes in the highlights and shadows.  I LOVE the texture in the wood and metal accents in the main photo for this post.  Textures can be in the clothing or in the background.  

7- Avoid shiny fabrics

Extremely shiny fabric will create hot spots or very bright spots seen as a reflection on your photo, which is distracting from what you want the viewer to focus on. 

8- Your attire accurately represents your business 

Is your business friendly and laid back? Then don’t wear a stuffy suit and tie! Keep the attitude consistent with the clothing. I’m a laid back kind of person. I could never work for corporate America nor could I run a business with that type of attitude. It’s NOT me!

9- Be you and be comfortable

If you’re not relaxed and comfortable in your shoot, we will know!! Your smile won’t be genuine and we will be able to read it all over your face.

10- Know the environment

If it's outside and the weather has the potential for the extremes...dress appropriately.  Make sure the location fits the overall feel of your business, as well.  A no nonsense business look would not look appropriate in the woods wearing heels.  (Not to mention, the risk for a broken ankle in the uneven terrain.)  A no nonsense business photo would be better in studio, office or conference room.  Whereas, a laid back, rock your freedom lifestyle would much better be suited near a pool.

freedome lifestyle

Hopefully, this helps give you a starting place when deciding what to wear for your biz's next photo shoot. This is so exciting, especially if this is your first biz photo shoot!! I would love to see your photos and hear about how it went! I hope yours go well!!

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