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Planning Your Featured Blog Images

By Amy

Dec 29

Part 3 

Today we are back with part 3 of creating a great blog photo.

Our goal is to wrap it up!

In part 1, you learned how to plan the shoot, what to look for, what to think about, and how to go about creating a photo.

In part 2, we went over designing the image inside Canva.

blog image

Obviously there are plenty of other design apps and tools you can use, but I decided to share with you one that basically everyone can access for free. Plus, it’s relatively straightforward and easy to use.

Today, we are going to go over part 3 and wrap it all up, tie up all the loose ends, and finish creating that fantastic blog photo.

Let’s get started!

Like I said before, in part 1, you are going to go over the pre-planning steps. We went over how to create the look you wanted, considered all the options that you could use, and designed that photo that you had in your head all along for your blog.

Next, we went over actually doing the shoot. The set-up, taking the photo, and by the photo remember I mean many photos because you never know what you are going to like in the end.

Not to mention, all the social media platforms have their own sizing restrictions, taking a lot of photos with the same set up is going to help you when you actually create the photos for the different social media sites.

You may like the angle you took for the photo, but it may look better a different way on social media platforms. So take multiple pictures.

Then after you’ve taken the photos, you‘re going to go through and pick the one you like the best, or the one’s you like the best and then go through some basic editing.

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Next Steps to Great Blog Images

Next once you have done your basic edits, I suggest that you take the photo(s) and run them through an exif data remover.

(Side note...Could this step be done after the final image is created? Yes, it could, but I like to do it first so that I don't forget.  Plus, then I know once it's looking good, it's ready for upload!)

If you’re like me, and I am sure many others, you are taking a lot of these photos at home.

Most cameras and phones have geo tracking features contained within them. Unless you've removed the info in the editing software or you've disabled the tracking, it’s going to list your geographic location and once you upload that to the web, you're telling everybody where you live.  

Exif Remover for Apple Devices

Exif Remover for Android Devices

Next step is to take your photo edited without the exif data, and take it into your editing program of choice and add whatever branding, logo, wording, url you want to put on it and get it ready.

There are several different programs you can use and it all comes down to your personal preference. Here is a link again to PART 2 where we go over that inside But obviously, there are many other apps such as Over, Snapseed, Font Candy, Photoshop, and Pixlr.

Resize the Blog Image

Next step is to resize the completed photo for the different social media platforms you use.  

Canva offers plenty of sizing options and has the sizes set up for the different platforms.  

If you use the paid version of Canva, they allow you to automatically resize it for several different social media site.  However, I've tried it and I didn't care for it much...but to each their own.  They offer a free trial, so if you're interested in trying it, give it a shot!

If you use Photoshop, you can set up preset templates for the correct size of the different platforms. Once you set up the preset templates, you can create a single version and then drag the content of that one into the next size, resize them for each platform and continue working on them. That way it stays really consistent between the individual social media platforms with the same look.

(Side note...If you're considering giving Photoshop a try, there's a link in the sidebar.  You can sign up for the photographer's special which is significantly cheaper than getting the full suite.  You'll be able to get Lightroom and Photoshop for  $9.99 USD/month.)​

You can complete the sizing modifications inside other editing programs and apps, but it may not be as easy to do.  BUT it can be done!

Everything you need to know to create top quality blog images!

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Compress Your Photo

And then last step is to compressed file.  

Some social media sites, especially the ones that have a ton of photos being uploaded to their site, will compress the crap out of your photos when you upload them.  

If you allow the SM sites to compress your photos you will see a noticeable decline in the image quality.  

However, if you compress the files yourself, you'll have a better chance of maintaining the image quality of the photo.

Now keep in mind you don’t want to just compress a file for social media.  You'll also want to compress your photo before you upload it to your blog.

If you upload extremely large files to your website it'll slow down the loading speed of your page. If you have a slow loading page, people will not want to hang around and they'll go find the information elsewhere. So, before you load that photo onto your blog, compress the file.

Some suggested programs that can help you compress your photo include:  Photoshop, Lightroom, JPEGMini and

Some editing apps may automatically compress your photo.  An easy way to check is by loading your fully edited blog image into the app Camera+.  Then, select the image and touch the "i" to look at the info which will include the file size.  If you want to compare to see how much it's been compressed, upload the original photo as well..

Keep in mind, compressed photos are best for viewing on the web. I wouldn't suggest printing the photo after you’ve compressed it.


And then once you’ve done all that, it is time to upload it to your site, upload it to your social media, upload it wherever you like.

Enjoy and hopefully you have now created a fantastic photo that is going to be eye catching and will bring tons of visitors to your site.

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