10 Great Blog Photo Tips Using an Iphone

10 Great Blog Photo Tips Using Your iPhone

By Amy

May 27

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These helpful blog photo tips will get you taking photos with your iPhone like a pro! There’s no need to feel like you need a fancy camera or that you need to pay a lot of money for stock photos!

10 Great Blog Photo Tips Using Your iPhone

  1. Clean the lens: remove scratched cases, dirt and dust. These problems will cause your photos to have spots and/or be blurry.
  2. Change your perspective: get higher, get lower. The normal perspective is boring. Change it up!
  3. Focus on the main subject: tap your screen on your main subject/object to set the focus on it. By setting the focus on a particular object this will make sure the subject will be is sharp and can help draw the eye of the viewer where you want it. At this time you can also adjust the exposure, if needed, to brighten or darken the overall photo and mood.
  4. Use good lighting. Good lighting is a key fundamental element in quality, professional looking photos. Don’t use your camera’s flash or hard light.  What’s best is soft light obtained from indirect window light, filtered through white sheers, or from an external light source such as an off camera flash with modifier or lamp. If using available artificial light from your location try using daylight balanced bulbs or GE super bright white lightbulbs.
  5. Make your photo stand out. Edit your blog’s photos in an app based photo editing software like snap seed. You’re able to make many more photo adjustments with software like this than with the inherent iPhone options.
  6. Don’t zoom in; crop in. If you zoom in while taking the picture, your camera is digitally enhancing it for the changes. While what you’re looking at gets larger and closer, it also ends up becoming more grainy and pixelated looking. Instead, take the picture as is and then use the photo editing software or your phone’s own editing program to crop in closer. This will achieve the same look without the grainy, pixelated look, and you’ll end up with a more professional, high quality look to your photos.
  7. Avoid camera shake and picture blur. The easiest way to avoid camera shake is to get a tripod. There are several types out there for camera phones including some with rigid legs, adjustable legs, short ones and tall ones.  I have the Peyou 3 in 1 Octopus Style Adjustable Tripod with remote shutter button.   One nice feature is that I can wrap the legs around something if I needed, or stand it up on a surface.  They are inexpensive and typically helpful, but sometimes a tripod just won’t position the phone right. Other ways to avoid camera shake is to hold the camera with both hands and hold your breathe when you click the button, try holding the camera close to your body versus out away from you which is harder to control, or try using the earbud’s volume button to activate the shutter.  By removing the shutter button from the phone itself, there will be less chance you will create blur just by touching it.
  8. Make the photo interesting. Add items relevant to you blog post’s topic. Textured elements help to create depth and shadows.  However, you also want to remove or avoid distracting elements in the frame or background too. If you can’t physically remove the item you may need to digitally remove it in an editing program
  9. Consider it your blogs overall look. What is the mood or feeling? What are your blog’s color scheme? Try to keep consistent with you blog’s pictures so they all portray the same look and feel, even if the pictures are completely different.   Another great idea, is to look through stock photo sites or blogs you like and get an idea for things you like. Try to put your own spin on photos you like. I do NOT recommend copying the exact photo.
  10. Practice makes perfect. The more angles and different things you try, the more you’ll get the hang of it and figure out what you like. Also, rearrange the objects in the photo and take many, slightly different pictures. With digital media it doesn’t matter how many you take, just delete what you don’t like!
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