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The Fancy Camera You Didn’t Know You Had

By Amy

Nov 16

DSLR Quality Photos in your pocket

​You probably already own a great camera!

No, really!​ You do.

You own a smartphone, right?​

Stop feeling like you need a fancy camera for great pictures!

Fancy camera's are big and bulky

cellphone camera

Your Cellphone Takes Great Pics!

I'm a photographer.  I have the fancy camera and lenses that make me look legit.

But, let's get real.  There are very few situations that actually require a big, fancy camera.

Cellphone technology has come a LONG way and the limitations they do have can often be fixed inside editing apps!

Cellphone Photos Rule!

So why are cellphones great? They are small; compact; always with you; and the technology is great. Why not! It makes total sense.

​Why are cellphones great for blog photos? They're small, portable, always with you, and the technology is great.

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What camera do you have with you 24/7?   

Your cellphone, right?!  Seriously, they fit in pockets, purses, etc.  They are small and powerful!

Unless you're a professional photographer, you probably aren’t carrying around your DSLR camera everywhere you go. And even a lot of the professionals that I know aren’t taking it everywhere.

But nowadays, people are addicted to their phones.  I know I am...

One of the great things about always having your phone on you, is that it also means you always have your camera with you.

Cellphone camera technology has come a LONG way and nowadays they are almost as good as a big fancy camera.

Don’t get me wrong, there are some limitations but you can still manage to take some great photos with your cell phone, but you will need to know a few things first.  

Most importantly, you'll need to know how to best utilize your cellphone's camera features and how to use a few very important apps.


Not only can you take the photo with your cellphone, but you can edit the photos right on your phone without having put the photos onto your computer. Seriously, you could be standing in line at a grocery store, editing a photo, and posting it to your blog; all while you're killing time. 

So what are the things you need to know?

If you're in the market for a new cellphone and have photos in mind, I would recommend the iPhone or Galaxy S7.  They both take GREAT photos!

I'm an Apple fangirl, but if I ever get another phone it will be the Galaxy S7 for sure!

From an app standpoint, both platforms offer a zillion different editing apps that are amazing and often times the are offered on both platforms.​

When it comes to editing apps, you MUST realize that you'll probably use several different apps to accomplish the overall look you want,  

I think that is the one thing people get hung up on. They expect to be able to do everything inside of 1 app.  

There are some apps that offer "1 stop shopping" for photo editing, and they probably do several things well, but they usually don’t do everything well.

I highly suggest finding some apps you like and play around with them.   Try all of their features and get to know how they all work.  Once, you start doing this, you will realize what you like and what you don't like about them.  

In the example of the Snapseed app, it does a fantastic job of doing basic edits. But there are a few features I leave for other apps, such as the lens blur and healing tools.  I feel there are better apps out there for doing those specific edits.

Suggested Apps

Some of the photo editing apps I would recommend would be:

cellphone camera editing apps

Snapseed: For general editing, cropping, rotation, filters and more!

Over App​:
cellphone camera editing

Over: Offers you several extra fonts but it also gives you a million options of color choices. The only thing that I didn’t like about it is that it doesn’t give you an option to use a hex code. That would be an amazing addition to this app's functionality. For the time being I just try to get as close as possible and go with what I like. Over allows you to use art work, boxes and different saying in their collection. However, I simply use it for adding text and maybe a color square overlay. Then the options for customizing go way beyond! You can add a drop shadow, change the opacity, change all kinds of things, but the thing I love about it is how fine tune you can change the colors in that app. So check that one out too and I would love to know what you think.

Touch Retouch app:​
photography tips cellphone camera

TouchRetouch: This app is great for removing distractions, blemishes, lines, etc. 

After Focus app:​
cellphone camera editing app

AfterFocus: This app will help you get that creamy blurred out background like the fancy cameras (aka shallow depth of field).

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no fancy camera needed

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All cameras types will benefit!​

NoLocation:  This removes Exif data such as the photo's GPS location.  (Do you really want to be posting to the web your home address?!)

WordPress: Allows you to upload a photo to your website.  

So now you are able to take a great photo, edit it, and upload it to a blog post without ever leaving your phone.

So like I said you can do this from the grocery line, relaxing on the couch, even killing time at work.

Cellphone limitations

There are some limitations though …

When it comes to very low light situations, your cellphone camera is not going to function as well as a fancy camera will. There is not too much you can do about it other than add light to the situation.

​Plus, you can't get a shallow depth of field.  However, I already explained how you can fix this, so it's no big deal!!

In general, by understanding how to use your phone, and in some instances getting and understanding how to use additional camera apps, makes your cellphone camera is more convenient and practical to use AND you can get excellent quality photos!

The next blog post is going to be an important one!

I'm going to go over how to use an app that will make your native cellphone camera more functional.  So, if this is something you are interested in, stay tuned and I will be bringing that tutorial to you next week.

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