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Centering Your Subject To Create Amazing Blog Photos

By Amy

Mar 01

Not a newbie mistake 

Often considered a newbie photographic mistake, centering your subject in the frame is sometimes the best option.

Now, I don’t recommend making it an all-the-time thing, but on occasion, it makes total sense.

And, it makes the photo stunning when does right!

Centering photographic composition

I was a newbie once too...

I can remember a day when I had taken my son to get our pictures taken.

The photographer was working in a photography chain store where they snap a ton of photos, edit them in 10 minutes and then you sit down to pick your favorites.

After another 20 minutes, you walk out with your photos.

Anyways, my point was that her crop of the photo did not place us in the center of the photo and I thought she was NUTS for off-centering us.

Little did I know that she was doing what you’re supposed to do, right?

She was following the rule of thirds just like everyone is expected to do if they know anything about photography.

Well, this was long before I knew anything about photography.

However, looking back at that photo, I still think it would’ve looked better if it had been centered.

I wish I could upload a photo of a photo, but I’m sure I could get sued over it since I don’t have the rights to share it like this.

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Centering Your Subject Does Work!

Why is centering often a no-no? Too frequently, it produces boring or uninteresting photos.

However, there are times when centering is a MUST.

So, when can you ALWAYS use centering?

#centering your subject a #photography #no-no? Learn how/when centering makes sense for your #blogphotos. 

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On square images and Instagram is PERFECT for centering!

centering photographic composition

Why does the square format work so well?

It’s because a square has 4 equal sides so it automatically lends itself well for putting your subject directly in the middle.

Other times that centering works well with a vertical or horizontal image is when you have symmetry.

Anything symmetrical is also going to automatically lend itself to a centered image.

By centering these types of images, you will usually create very dramatic and eye catching images!

Here, look at the photos in this post at

I personally think they go a little overboard on their centering philosophy, but overall you will see that the background is identical (or nearly identical in most of the photos), if you split the photo down the middle and look at the left and right halves.

Another, time that centering an object can create a great look is when the subject is the only thing in the frame.

centering photography composition

By centering the sole subject, it will automatically draw the viewer’s attention to it.

Also, centering is highly effective when you’ve zoomed in for a closeup.

Again, this extreme close up just helps fill the frame evenly and creates a stunning image!

centering photography composition

So what are you working on?

Can you effectively center your subject in your next photo shoot?

I would love to see it! Post it in the comments below!

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