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Copyright Your Image: Where to Find The Logo

By Amy

Jun 28

All The Ways to © 

Building off of last week's guest post by Art Steele, we are going to continue talking about protecting your images online.

While reading her post, I had several questions pop up.  

Therefore, I assumed if I have these questions then you may too.

My first question is where can I find the copyright symbol to put on my photos?​

Copyright Your Image: Where to Find The Logo

The Many Ways to Put a Copyright Notice On Your Image


This sounds so easy to do, but when I sat down to actually put the actual © for copyright, I wasn't sure where to find it. 

Luckily, we have the Googs to turn to.  

A little Google search turned up the answers I needed!

On an iPhone it's surprisingly easy....well, as long as you already have the emoji keyboard installed that is.​

First click the smiley face at the bottom.

Then, click the "symbol button" which is next to the flags on the bottom right hand side and scroll approximately 3/4 of the way to the end of that section. 

If you need to install the emoji keyboard use these steps.

Settings --> general --> keyboard​ --> keyboards --> add new keyboard --> emoji

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I recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S7.  Unfortunately, it isn't quite as easy to find the copyright symbol in their native keyboard if you have the "Sym" button instead of the "?123" button.  

I've searched the Goog and the only answer for finding the copyright symbol seems to be to hit the "?123" button.

Therefore, my answer was to search the Google Play store and I ran across several apps offering a downloadable keyboard with the copyright symbol included.​

I went with the highest rated option, the SwiftKey Keybord, and found that it does indeed include the copyright symbol.  

From the main keyboard screen, tap the "123" button and then the "{&=" which will then lead you to the copyright symbol.

Android Swiftkey keyboard for copyright symbol



​If you're using a Mac, it's SUPER easy!

Hold down the "option" and "G" buttons...and POOF! ©

Copyright Your Image: Where to Find The Logo


You would think these would be one in the same, but apparently that's not the case.  

Hold the "Alt" button and type 0169.

If you're on a laptop, this may not work.  If that's the case, try holding the "Alt" and "Fn" buttons together while typing 0169.​

Take the 1st step to #protectyourimage. Use a #copyright logo.  See where to find it

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Other Options

Other options for adding a copyright symbol would be to use an app or other photo editing software.  

You can easily export your photos in Adobe's Photoshop or Lightroom with your copyright watermark on them.

In addition, there are several apps for Android and iOS that will let you add your copyright statement.  

Some of the apps for iOS that I like for this include Over and Watermark.​

For Android I love the app Photo Editor!

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