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Is Drone Photography Right For Your Blog?

By Amy

Feb 10

The next big thing 

drone photography

How cool would it be to add some drone shots to your blog?

Not cool at all if you’re running a food blog perhaps, but pretty awesome if you blog about outdoor life.

Wait, maybe you run a blog about cooking in the “great outdoors.” Perfect!

Getting some photos from high above that creekside fire pit, cooking eggs over easy, might get some extra attention for your website.

Drone Photography

drone photography

A year ago, I would have never thought about using an unmanned aircraft (drone) in any sort of business. And my brother certainly didn’t see the need to learn about all the FAA guidelines when this new technology came out.

But he eventually ditched his CPA study courses in order to get his commercial drone license. The cool factor was too hard to resist.

There isn’t much for a photographer to document while going over W-2s. But when you begin to shoot commercial real estate photography, a drone becomes very handy.

Not to mention being able to take epic shots of camping trips where no cell signal can penetrate. Photographers are allowed to shoot their own adventures ya know. 🙂

If I sound like a drone fanatic, that’s because it’s basically true. I see so many opportunities with these unmanned aircraft.

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The Stats

There are services galore that can be taken over with drones. And many areas of photography will be rocked in the next two years by drone use.

  • Over 670,000 drone users registered aircraft in 2015.

  • Over 16,000 users have taken the Remote Pilot Knowledge Exam, with about a 90 percent pass rate.

drone photography
Even bloggers can’t ignore this new technology.

You all have felt the struggle to make your photos stand out right? There are a zillion blogs and 23 zillion photos available to copy and paste into posts.

So, why would you not try to get in the drone photog game?

  • You can snap shots from 400 feet up.

  • Get shots from angles you could never get with a handheld camera.

  • Really skilled drone pilots can capture photos in tight spots that you could never reach on foot in the first place.

drone photography
Safety is #1

Sure, there are a lot of safety concerns with drones. But that’s a good thing. The public deserves to stay safe as new technology shows up in the skies above. Still, drones are not a problem as long as responsible folks are operating them.

Also, with every new technology, comes fear. The first caveman to create a fire probably got ran out of his cave cul-de-sac.

Learn how to get shots from angles you could never get with a handheld camera for your blog.

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And remember how the internet was gonna ruin the world?

Look, drones will become more normalized. And more people will find them super useful in their businesses.

All I’m doing is planting a seed in your mind so you don’t get left behind. Even if you never plan to buy a drone for your photo needs, connecting with a friend who has taken the steps to become a certified drone pilot is a good idea.

That friend would be a good person to go to for some outside the box photos to help make your blog stand out and take off.

drone photography

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