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DSLR Photographers Start Here

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Welcome DSLR Photographers!

DSLR users, I love that you want control over your website’s photos and already have the big guns to boot!

That’s awesome! Who knows better about what you want than you?!

Do you feel like you don’t know how to use that bad boy properly? 


Start by reading the posts linked on this page and it’ll give you a great starting place for taking great website photos!!

Seriously, it’ll be ok!

I created this website, because I want you to save money and get the photos you really want for your website!

Are you ready to learn how? Keep reading!!

DSLR Photographers Start Here

Basics/General Overview:

Learn Lighting

Improve Your Composition Skills:

Miscellaneous Help:

Do You Want More Assistance Getting Out of Auto Mode?

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Get help from myself and the over 400 blographers learning to take better website photos!

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