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Exif Data: How to Keep Your Location Safe

By Amy

Jul 14

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Keep you location safe and the creepers away!!

If you’re taking cell phone or DSLR photos at your home, office or any location you don’t want advertised to the public at large, you must keep reading!!
ALL digital cameras log several important aspects into the hidden information within a photo.

Older point and shoots probably don’t have this capability, as GPS has only come around within the past several years.

However, I’d say better safe than sorry!!

So the information it hides inside your photo is called the EXIF data.

EXIF data includes the camera settings, location, date, time, etc…

Since you can’t just see it, or didn’t know it exists, you may not have realized that you’re inadvertently be telling creeps where you live.

Or worse…if you’re adding photos of your beautiful babies to the web and telling these creeps where that cutiepie lives, you could be asking for trouble.

So, what should you do?

It’s super easy!

If you’re already using fancy equipment, then you are probably familiar with Lightroom.

In Lightroom you can easily remove the location information when you go through the export process.

If you’re using your cell phone, I recommend a free app.

Since I use an iPhone, the app I recommend is the NoLocation-Exif remover app from the app store.

For Android users, I recommend the EZ UnEXIF Free from the Google Play store.

I have not used the Android version, but can tell you the NoLocation-Exif remover app is super easy.

Just open the app.

Open the photo inside the app and POOF!

It tells you the location has been removed and offers you to share it to social media or other outlets of your choice!

Another option would be to of course turn off the location info on your phone.

Better safe than sorry!

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