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Best Photo Editing App for iPhone Updated for 2017

By Amy

May 18

My FAV iPhone apps for 2017 

Are you looking to take control of your iPhone photos without having to leave your phone?

Here are the Top 9 Photo Editing iPhone apps to the rescue!!​

Now, keep reading because I want to tell you about some photo editing apps that you need!!

iPhone apps

ANDROID USERS I got you covered too CLICK HERE

All apps can be found in the Apple App Store and the best part is that most of them are FREE!!​

There are SO many great photo editing apps out there!!  Really, it can be so hard to pick, but I have been using several apps for a long time now and they just keep getting better and better.  Plus, there are a few that are newer to me and I've instantly fallen in love with! Each has their own purpose and sometimes you'll need to use several apps to achieve the overall look and/or level of safety required!

Are you confused?  Keep reading and you'll see why!

Best Photo Editing App - All Around


Google's Snapseed (Free)

This is a great app for basic edits.  However, don't let the word "basic" fool you.  It is a pretty powerful app!

iPhone apps

For a free iPhone app, one of the things that constantly amazes me, is that they are frequently updating the app and adding new features!

I recently created an in depth video tutorial on Snapseed.  It explains what all of the tools are, what the subcategories within each tool are, and how each affects your photos.  ​Grab your video tutorial here and learn how you can achieve high-quality photo edits directly on your phone and save yourself tons of time!

iphone apps, best photo editing app,
iphone apps, best photo editing app,
iphone apps, best photo editing app,
If you're looking for an ALL-Inclusive video tutorial teaching you EVERYTHING you need to know on using Snapseed to create high-quality images for your blog, then make sure you check out the Photo Editing Mini Course!  This course is perfect for Android and Apple devices!!

Best Blog Image Creator App

iPhone apps

Over App

Over app FREE an ABSOLUTE must have for blog image creation!!!!

I use this app to create all blog images from my phone!!

It is the most comprehensive iPhone image creator app I've found.

One of the things I absolutely LOVE is that it is a great social media image maker because it allows you to pick from pre-determined canvas sizes, but you're not limited to those sizes either!

As an example...when I pick the vertical Pinterest layout, it's default is 600x900 pixels.  However, I want 735x1102.  Well, all I need to do is tap the number 600x900 at the top and it can be customized to your liking!  <3 <3 <3​

iPhone apps

In addition, you can adjust and edit individual layers or bring one layer to the top and place another layer below to the bottom

iphone apps

You have a wide variety of fonts to use and most importantly, you can pick your specific color by using a hex code!! I LOVE <3 this feature!!  This will allow your images to remain brand consistent!

iphone apps

I created a tutorial showing you how I use the iPhone app Over.  There have been several updates since I recorded this, so some of the things I've just talked about ​aren't included, but it will show you the app in action and I was already in love with it back then!!

Create high-quality #blogimages with your #iPhone. My favorite #editingapps can help you too!

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Best Non-Native iPhone Camera App

Camera+ App

Camera+ $2.99 & worth it!!

Have you heard your friends and/or relatives bragging about the amazing photos they can take with their Samsung Galaxy S7?

iPhone apps

Unfortunately, the native camera app on the iPhone (6S and older) is not as sophisticated, but this app makes up for it!!

I created a video tutorial showing you how to use this fantastic app, check out what makes it so great and why you need to add it to your must have list!

Want to know a few reasons why this app is so great?

It allows you to change your ISO and/or shutter speed. Why is this important?  Well, it gives you the ability to create a blurred effect for things in motion.  Such as that dreamy waterfall look or a bicycle in motion.  Or it will allow you to get that stop action look as though the thing or person is frozen in time.  

iPhone apps

You can also set and lock your focus points too!  This may sound dumb, but hear (ok, maybe see me out...).  Have you ever tried to take a photo where you've achieved focus on your desired subject, but just as you go to hit the shutter button something comes in front of you? The camera now assumes that that random thing should now be the focus and you end up with your real subject blurred out, but that pesky intruder is sharp and clear as a nail.  Infuriating, right?  Well, locking your focus will help avoid those pesky intruders stealing your focus!

iPhone apps

In addition, you can set and lock your exposure so no matter where you aim the camera, it won't darken or lighten once you have it set.  This can totally be beneficial if you want to set your exposure and then recompose the shot!

Furthermore, this iPhone app allows you to shoot in RAW and save as a TIFF, JPEG, or a compressed JPEG.  What's a compressed JPEG?  It's already been squished so the file size is smaller and ready for your website!  The picture quality remains, but it won't cause your page to take FOREVER to open.​  Saawweet deal!!

If you want to see this camera app in action, check out the video tutorial I've created!

Best Photo Retouch App/Healing Tool App

You may wonder why.  Why, do I need to spend money on this app.  Snapseed is free and it has a healing brush.

True, but this iPhone app is SO much more powerful and accurate!! You can seriously stop pulling your hair out if you've been trying to remove objects with the healing tool inside other apps.  

Seriously, this is probably one of my most favorite photo editing apps!! ​

This iPhone app has special settings for removing full lines, partial lines, objects and MORE!!​

It has been a life saver for me when I can't remove unwanted items before I hit click the shutter button.  This app can handle everything from simple blemishes to removing entire objects! 

photography tips cellphone camera

Ever get fly away hairs or unwanted power lines in your photo?  This app is totally worth a couple bucks and will save your sanity if you've been trying to fix your photos using other healing tools!!​

If this app can't handle the job, the only thing I rely on is Adobe's Photoshop!

Want to see what this app can do? Check out the video tutorial I have on it!​

iPhone apps

Best Blur Background App

After Focus App

AfterFocus $0.99

Ok, so you may be wondering why you need this app. 

iPhone apps

Oh, because this app is da bomb if you're using any (currently available) iPhone other than the iPhone 7 Plus.

After a photo is taken, you can blur the background of your photo to give it a beautiful bokeh effect or achieve that shallow depth of field that fancy cameras can create.

I'm sure you're not surprised to hear this, but I have a video tutorial that I've created for it as well.  So, if you want to see this app in action check it out!

blurry background iphone apps
blurry backgrounds iphone apps

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Best File Compression App

iPhone apps


If you're not using the JPEG compression option in Camera+, then I recommend using PhotoShrinker FREE

Do your web pages load slowly? It could be due to having large photo files.  Compress your photo's file size with this app and improve your loading time!

This app will show you only the photos with large file sizes, so you won't be compressing needlessly.

It will then delete you old photos, but DON"T WORRY! If you really want them back, you can retrieve them.​

What it won't do is change the size of the photo you see visually and the compression won't make your photo quality suffer either!  Hello, WIN, WIN!!​

iphone apps

Best Metadata Editor

Filterstorm Neue

Filterstorm Neue $3.99

This is one of my new favorite apps.  Want to know why?

iPhone apps

I have to say, it looks like a SUPER powerful editing app, but what I've fallen in LOVE with is it's ability to edit metadata.  

If you don't know what that is, it's the behind the scenes info on a picture.  It can tell the world where your photo was taken, what type of camera was used, the settings, and more!!! 

What I absolutely LOVE is being able to add keywords, a title, a caption, a headline, your website URL, your copyright info, your contact info and so much MORE!!!

iphone apps
iphone apps
iphone apps

Best Editing App Linking Phone and PC/Mac/Tablet

iPhone apps


Lightroom FREE to Adobe CC subscribers

Don't forget that the photographer's package allows you full rein of Lightroom and Photoshop for $9.99USD/month.  This is a great deal!! 

Allows you to edit RAW images

Plus, it allows you to access your photos in Adobe's Creative Cloud (subscription required) and access them from all of your devices.

Not to mention it's a fantastic all around editing app!! I feel it ranks right with Snapseed, if not higher!

iphone apps
iphone apps
iphone apps
iphone apps

Each of the preset categories in the botto​m left picture have multiple presents within them.

Best App for Improving Straight Lines

iPhone apps


SKWRT $0.99

If you take a lot of photos of buildings and they seem off, that's because of the distortion created by your phone's wide angle lens.  

This can be fixed with this app.  It has several options to pick from to improve the straight lines, so dive in and give it a go!!

iphone apps

One of the things that really cool about this app is it has some presets to correct for distortion from mobile devices, fisheye lenses and more.  

This type of editing cannot be found in just any type of software.  This is similar to the transform tool in Photoshop.  It allows you to skew, distort, warp and reflect!​

iphone apps
iphone apps

Surprisingly, I don't have a video for this....YET!

iphone apps

I'd love to hear what your favorite photo editing iPhone apps are!! Leave your fav's in the comments so I can check them out.

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