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Create Your Blog’s Feature Image

By Amy

Dec 16

Part I

You're write fabulous content for your blog, right?

You're the expert and have tons of knowledge that you can impart on us, but have you thought about your feature image?

Do you give them much consideration?

Your blog's feature image says a lot about your business and your brand, so make sure it looks great!

featured image

Therefore, you may want to give it more thought next time you write your next article.

Are you confused on where to start?

Keep reading!

What's a Featured Image?

WordPress defines a featured image as...

An "image that represents the contents, mood, or theme of a post or page....and can enhance the presentation of your site".

Increase Your Traffic!

Why is your blog's feature image so important?

Hubspot reports that people are 40x more likely to share visual content on social media.

So, make sure those feature images look appealing and sharable to your viewers! 

The more ​shares, comments and likes you get; the more eyes you'll get on your biz!

featured image

Create Your Featured Image

So, now you've written your content and you need to decide on a feature image.

Are you're wondering WHERE do you start?

Let's consider several aspects before we jump any further ahead...

What to Consider When Creating Your Featured Image​

Get out your favorite digital note taker or a good 'ole set of paper and pen and answer the questions or list all possibilities.

What is your blog's theme? 

What is the purpose of the specific page/post that you're writing about?

Are there specific emotions or feeling​s associated with your topic?

What colors are associated with the emotions/feelings listed above?​

List all possible main subjects you could use related to your niche and the specific content you've written about.

What supporting items/props could you use ​in the photo?

Do you have a recurring texture or element in your blog? And how could you incorporate this into the photo?

What kind of location would go along with your niche and current topic?

Will the photo be taken inside or outside?

What type of weather do I need to plan for outside?

What time of day would give me the best light?

Where inside can I set up for the shot I need?

Do I need additional lighting? If so, what can I use?

Do you need a person in the photo? Who could you utilize as a model?

Would you need to buy anything? If so, what items?

​How do you plan on editing the photos? 

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featured images

Find Inspiration

Look through stock photo sites to see if something catches your eye, BUT do not replicate it.

​Use what you see as inspiration and create something uniquely YOU!

Want to know where to look?

Try Instagram, other blogs, magazines, etc.

You can find inspiration from almost anywhere.

Write down what it is you like about that photo and keep track of all the different things you like.

Then, try to use those to help create YOUR unique photo!

Maybe you like the lighting, the angle, the colors, or the props.  

However, maybe it's something else all together.  ​

Just start looking and record what it is you like!​

Find out what it takes to create stunning feature images for your blog!

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Where will you be posting these photos?

Will you be posting to social media?  If yes, which platforms?

Do you know the recommended sizes for each platform?

What's Next?

After you've searched for inspiration, decide on what your main subject will be and what props you plan to utilize.  

Determine what backdrop you will use, where the best setup can be achieved and what lighting you'll need.

Next, visualize what the photo will look like and even draw out what the photo will look like.

​Then, start shooting! Vary your angles; get high, get low, shoot through.  

Mix up your props and your subject.  Get creative and try to be unique.

But, most importantly take more shots than you think you'll need.

Most often, the shot you think is "The" shot during shooting may not be so great once you look closer.

So, keep shooting and be creative!​


In the next post I'll take you through the next steps to go from photo to featured image!​

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