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Happy 1st Birthday Learn Blog Photography!

By Amy

May 24

happy 1st birthday!!!

It’s hard to believe 1 year ago today I published my first blog post on Learn Blog Photography.

It wasn’t my first ever blog post, but this was a new venture.

A new avenue. A new chapter in my life.

It was my first attempt at targeting my PASSION in a very specific niche.

learn blog photography

So what has this past year brought me?

I’ve made MANY new friends and some I have a feeling will stay close friends for years to come!

This past year has brought a lot of changes and helped me open my eyes to many things I was letting pass me by. Let’s just say I’ve had to learn to be more mindful, to set my intentions, and to manifest how I want my life to look and feel. You may think this sounds too woo for you and it wasn’t that long ago that that would’ve sounded too woo for me too. However, I read a great book recently that has turned my thinking around...ok, so I was already starting to be sucked in by the woo, but it kinda sealed the deal. And the credit needs to go to one of my online biz besties Heather Clark for getting me to read this book.

(By the way, if you’re looking to move your biz to the next level and feel stuck because of all the clutter in your life...Heather at Home Office Detox is your gal!!)

Grateful for you!

I’m extremely grateful for each and every one of you who show up to read these posts, take a moment to comment, share, Pin, post, tweet, like, etc!! Your acts of kindness have not gone unnoticed.

I’m also extremely grateful for all of the members within the Learn Blog Photography Facebook group. We have a great group of supportive people!

This year has held A LOT of challenges for me and if it wasn’t for Heather and my mindset work, I may have made some poor choices, but I’m happy to say that I’m enjoying the path I’m on for better or worse and I’m enjoying the ride! Plus, I’m really excited for what this next year brings! More on this in a minute…

Let me back up for a minute. You probably don’t know how all this got started to begin with...

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learn blog photography

How Did I Get Started?

I’ve always loved photography. I was always the person snapping photos at all the get togethers. It has always been “my” thing. I would frequently hear, “Where’s Amy? She always has a camera!! Let’s get a pic!!” However, I didn’t always know what I was doing, or how to do it right.. Most of my photos were just “snapshots”, but occasionally I’d get something that looked great.  However, I never know why. I didn’t know what made a photo good or what made it more than just another snapshot until I finally started getting serious. But, you’ll never guess what actually got me serious about learning photography.

I WON a DSLR camera!

Yeppers! You read that right, I won a Sony Alpha 1000 camera. It took me several years of using it in AUTO mode before I decided that I was letting this fantastic camera go to waste. So, like you I turned to the internet to learn. I found courses and online trainings to help improve my photography.

Like I said earlier, this wasn’t my first blog. In fact, it was actually my 3rd. My first blog dealt with healthy eating and exercise, a fad I was in at the time and one I really need to focus more on again. My second blog was in a sense about going green and making your own all-natural homemade products. Think soap, laundry soap, lotion, and the like. I still make my own dishwashing soap, laundry soap, fabric softener, body lotion, face soap, hand soap and eye makeup remover, but it’s not a passion so I kinda grew apart from that blog too.

What am I passionate about?

My passions include photography and skiing and since skiing is pretty limited in the warmer months without traveling to another continent, I decided to focus on photography. I mean seriously, my ideal is combing the two, but again that can’t happen often enough. I’ve been known to stop in the middle of a ski run to take pictures of the beautiful scenery. OMG! I <3 LOVE <3 it!!!!

So, that’s how I evolved into a photography blog and since I’m blogging and always seeing people stress over high-quality images, wasting time searching for stock photos, wishing they could be different but always finding the same photos on tons of other websites…. Niching down to teaching bloggers became a NO-BRAINER!! Plus, someone kinda offered the idea….and well someone had to run with it, right?!

I believe you as a blogger don’t need to waste your time scrolling through endless stock photo websites. I believe your time is valuable and your business needs to portray professionalism to be able to build that know, like and trust factor. Great blog photos can help you do just that! So why would you want to look just like every other website and fall prey to using the same few photos that everyone else is using? You want to look unique, right? You want to stand out. I believe that you can achieve the look you want with high-quality blog photos that YOU take yourself!


Have you heard of the craziness out there surrounding stock photo websites? Yeah, it’s totally F*CKED up!! In case you missed it, here’s the link that you MUST read if you use stock photo websites!

Save yourself a lot of time worrying, possibly A SHIT TON of money and stop gambling with your future. Start taking your own photos. Seriously, you CAN do it!!

I have faith in you! If you feel like a total newbie, don’t worry! I GOT YOUR BACK!!

I was once in your shoes too!

With a little time, practice and effort you’ll be able to take high-quality blog photos and you won’t miss using stock photos.

What’s in store next AND how can YOU learn to take great photos?

This year is going to be AMAZING!! I’m working hard at turning this fun hobby into the premier platform for bloggers wanting to improve their photography and you could be just the person who could help!!

The Learn Blog Photography Community will be coming very soon! By becoming a Founding Member you will be included in the decision making progress and will help tailor this community to offer exactly what you need.

The community will be a safe place for bloggers to ask for help and seek photography related advice. It’ll be a place to find like-minded people, to build relationships and network with. It will be full of support, advice, tips & tricks, courses/trainings, video tutorials, and challenges.

It will be a safe place to post your photos for constructive criticism and will include a members-only stock photo library and more!!

(Ok, so not every feature will be offered from the get-go, but these are features that will be rolling out as it progresses!)

All you need to do is sign up and help pick the trainings and services that YOU need most!

If you’re wanting to find out more of the specific deets that will be going down as soon as the doors open, check out this link!

I’m extremely excited for this new chapter to begin and I hope you’ll come a long for the ride!!

I truly believe that every blogger needs unique, high-quality images and YOU can achieve this without fancy equipment, but if you already love your DSLR or mirrorless camera that’s great!! I think you’re ahead of the game and can utilize your fancy equipment to achieve amazing results!!

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Amy is the owner extraordinaire at Learn Blog Photography and Amy Paris Photography. She's a single mom to an amazing teenage son. She's passionate about photography and skiing (downhill), the faster the better! Sign up for a FREE 30-min call to light up your photos & biz! bit.ly/2udzBXB