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How To Use Leading Lines for Improved Composition

By Amy

Feb 15

leading lines show the viewer where to look 

Leading lines can greatly impact your blog photos!

Leading lines:

-Guides the viewer through the scene

-Creates depth

-Adds interest

-Points to the main subject

-Creates balance

-Creates flow. 

leading lines

What Are Leading Lines?

Leading lines is one of the most powerful and basic photography principle​s used to pull the viewer through a scene or to a specific destination.

Leading lines can be vertical, horizontal, or diagonal.  

Leading lines can lead the viewer up, down, left, or right.

The specifics are up to you and your imagination.​

What Can Be Used to Create Leading Lines?

Street markings, rows of trees, actual lines, shadows, edge of water, abstract items, etc...

Anything and everything can be used as a leading line.

You just need to be creative!

leading lines blog photos
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Leading Lines

Creates depth.
leading lines blog photos
Guides the viewer's attention through a scene towards the main subject.
leading lines blog photos

Grab the viewers attention with this photo trick. #blogphotography, #leadinglines #blogphotos

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Creates flow.

Creating flow using leading lines would involve the lines and the object in the photo all going in the same direction to indicate motion.  I don't currently have a photo of this, but check back soon as I will be adding one shortly!​

Adds interest. 
leading lines
Guides the viewer through the scene.
leading lines blog photos
Creates balance
leading lines blog photos

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