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Get Over And Create Stunning Photos

By Amy

Nov 30

Get Over For your Photos

Over is an amazingly powerful little app!

Why do I love it so much?

--> Fonts

--> Blending tools

--> Editing options

--> Color choices

--> and More!


Over blot photography

Over by Over

Found in the Apple App Store for FREE

Found in the Google Play Store for $3.99 USD

I do not receive a commission if you purchase this app.  I just love the app and want to help you improve your photos. 

Find your creativity with the photo editing app Over for Android and Apple devices

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Big Promise #2  Promise exactly what they'll learn. the step by step method

The first screen you come to has several options.  

Projects are the photos you've created in the app.

The other options are templates, free stock photos from Unsplashed, the most recent photos from your camera roll, and blank canvases.

By pressing the little “+” sign, you can open your full camera roll, favorites, and albums.

I really like the blank canvases at the bottom. This will allow you to pick from pre-designed templates for multiple social media sites. And then some general ratios that are kind of typical that you will see for print and for different screen sizes.

So in the bottom left corner you will see the circle, square and triangle. If you tap that you can upgrade to their “pro” option and you can see some of things you can get with that. 


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"Paintbrush" icon

The paintbrush icon gives you some other options. And again some of these things are included, others you have to pay for. I like using the basic shapes and I usually scroll down and pick the square in order to create an overlay.  

I will usually increase the size and change the color of it. At the bottom there are different options. These are all changes you can make to whatever layer you are currently working on.  If you slide this little circle that is on top of all the colors you will change the hue. And then by touching the colored area and sliding it over you can get darker or lighter colors. If I go up or down it changes the color options again altogether.

Change the size can be done by placing two fingers on it and spread your fingers apart or pinching or by selecting size at the bottom and using the scroll bar.

Shadow, you can change the angle and placement of it as well as the blur. Another option is to change the color of the drop shadow. 

Colors Galore!​

One thing I really love about Over is that you have TONS of color choices. So basically if there's a color option out there, you can find it. My only issue is that you can’t save a color. I wish you could save it and better yet, I wish you could use a specific hex code, but that’s where I feel this app lacks.  

Other things you have are the opacity and if I slide that down, you can see how it’s not full strength anymore and it kind of just makes it almost like a shadow of that color. 


So now I have the overlay covering the entire photo and the one nice thing you can do with this, is masking. With this photo it’s a little too difficult. But you have the far left circle, which if you swipe you can see it gives you very definite line between the original and where you kind of painted over it. Go to the far right one, it’s the same thing. It has a very distinct line. If you use the second from the left circle, you will see it kind of transitions slowly between masking or painting it out and what was originally there and the same thing would happen if I used the second from the right. It would also gradually transition.

Painting all that I can because I like it.

Here is the really cool part, if you hit blend, you can change the blending techniques to get different looks.

Depending on what you are going for, it gives you many options.

I personally like the overlay look. And that’s pretty close to how I saw it when I took the photo.

So I am going to go with that. And just leave it the way it is.

And now I am going to hit done because I am done with that layer.

"A" Text​

Let’s go into hitting the A so I can add some text. I will just say: beautiful sunrise

Now you have different options. You can use various versions of the same font. You can change the font completely, and some of them give you multiple options, some will give you just one option.

You can style it if you want to change how it’s put on there. But I am going to leave it centered and I am going to go to size. Now this gives you a nice little slider so you can mess with the size. I can also just touch the screen and pinch or spread my fingers out to adjust it, whichever way you like. Now if I slide it one way or the other, that line will tell me that I have centered it, horizontally in the photo.

Color, I could change the color and again it gives you a multitude of options. But I like the white so I am going to stick with white.

Surprise Find​

OH! Color picker, look at that! I didn’t even know that existed. Found something new. Very cool.

Touch the top, make sure that I am editing the photo layer and now I am going to go back and I have been editing accidentally my fill layer.

I am going to find that blue again that I like.

Go back to adjusting the wording and now I am going to go to style. And over to space. The left/right arrow with the A over it is going to spread the letters out or make them narrower. The up/down arrow will actually spread out the wording top to bottom.

Now it’s completely centered. Top to bottom and left to right.

So I am going to go back.

I like now the color for the sunrise again. You can change caps, so that it is all caps or some caps will [inaudible] allow to change a curve. So it’s kind of cool.

I like all these different options that you give you.

Let’s do drop shadow, I like the way that looks. So I am actually going to leave that, I am not going to change the angle or the blur, I like the way it looks there.

But I want to add another layer. You can add multiple layers of text, multiple layers of anything you want.

I want to change the font. We will go with that. I will keep the color like it is. Change the size, that’s what I want, there we go. Make it smaller.


Change the opacity to bring that down so it’s not the main focus.

Go back and change that a little bit, bring it up. I like that better. Now I am happy.


Top right corner with the box and the arrow, that gives me options for exporting. I have saved my camera roll so now I can do with it as I please.

This is how I tend to use the app Over and I enjoy this one a lot for adding text and adding little background elements because it is easy to use and it gives you a ton of options and layering ability so you can adjust specific things that you have done and not have to step back and ruin all the things that you had already done, so I really like it for that.

That is what I think, that is how I use it. I would love to know what you think and what you like to use.

If you haven't checked out my After Focus and Touch Retouch​ tutorial yet, these are also EXCELLENT apps at what they do!

Leave me a message and let me know what you think.

What app do you love to use? I will give that one a try too and see what I think and maybe I will find something new that I like.

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