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Learn to
Edit Like A Pro From Your Smartphone!

Want to create kicka$$ images

& Up-level your business?

Like, holy sh*t “my mouth is watering” food images.

Like, “I NEED that! Please take my money” product images.

Like, being the person who says "I no longer waste a TON of time scrolling through stock photo websites only to end up using the same overused stock photos as my competition because I take AMAZING photos with my SMARTPHONE and they ROCK!!”.


How effing annoying is to to post a fantastic stock photo to your social media or blog, only to find it on several competitor's sites as well?!   

Because honestly, how are you going to STAND OUT when everyone is using the same great photo? ....It can't be done!

You want KICKA$$ photos that STAND OUT so that customers engage with your brand.

You you NEED unique, on-brand photos that position you as THE EXPERT and have your ideal customers begging to work with you.

What you don't want is to waste a lot of time or money on overused stock photos or on expensive professional photographers. 

You don't want to have to spend a lot of time or money learning how to use a big, fancy camera or computer based editing software.

The good news is that all you need is your smartphone and you can create KICKA$$ photos that captures your audience's attention and has them throwing money at you.

Why do you need high-quality blog photos?

High quality blog photos will:

  • Increase traffic to your website. (...more traffic leads to more sales!)
  • Build your brand's identity and authority (...can you say know, like and trust factor?)
  • Encourages social sharing (...more engagement equals more eyeballs on your offers)
  • Creates an emotional connection (...people buy from a you, not a brand)
  • Improves SEO optimization (...well HELLO Googs and thank you for putting me to page 1)
  • Improved user experience (...referrals are abso-effing-lutely gonna increase profits)
  • Keep viewers on your site longer (...getting to know you better.  Def gonna keep them coming back)
  • Helps tell the story (...the story is EVERYTHING!!)
  • Makes your content more memorable (...can't remember whacha read, but I bet you remember the cute dog you saw scrolling on FB!)
  • Adds visual interest to your site (....enough said!)​​​​
  • Relevant image increases retention (...betcha still rememer that dog a couple days later, but don't remember what Aunt Millie's update said yesterday)
  • Increases lead conversion (...CAAA-CHING!!)

Are you a lifestyle blogger wanting to create your own unique, on brand images?

Are you a food blogger wanting to make your food look MMMMM MMMM GOOD!?

Are you a travel blogger wanting to make your destination photos POP?

Are you a creative wanting to showcase your creativity?

Are you a maker or business owner wanting to showcase your products?

Save Time & Money

Edit Like A Pro From Your Smartphone!

It's Yours for only $97

What You'll Get...

Lifetime access to the course so you can work at your own pace.  Access to all future updates to this course.

Video training course (for iOS & Android) that will walk you through the need to know steps so you can create images that will attract your ideal customer.

A "must have" recommendation list because sometimes additional tools are needed to assist in your up-leveling process.  (don't worry....I explain the what, when, and why they'll help create those social media images that everyone engages with.)

The confidence to edit your photos to make them make them stand make them grab your ideal customer's attention and have them begging for your product or service.

 Andrea D. 


I really enjoyed the Photo Editing Mini Course by Amy @ Learn Blog Photography.

Amy demystifies the terms and explains the editing tools in a way everyone can understand. I went from never using the Snapseed app, to creating great edits and being super happy with my photos.

She takes the time to cover the tools in her videos, explaining the why's and how to's. Including a complete walkthrough of photo edit as a bonus is super helpful.

One thing I really appreciate is that Amy understands everyone is different. We all have our “likes”, and our individual editing preferences will show through, and Amy embraces that in her course.

LBP Community

 Bill G. 


Thank you for this course. I must admit I don't have a phone for taking pictures, I recently lost mine.

That being said, I still feel there was great benefit for me in taking the course. Learning what all of the terms mean and how they affect the editing of our images rather than just stumbling around trying different things to get a desired effect is invaluable. Also, I am sure that new knowledge can be transferred to editing in other apps on PC.


Q:  Which editing app is used in the tutorial?

A:  Google's Snapseed and it's TOTALLY FREE and AWESOME!!

Q:  Does it matter what type of phone I use?  (Android or Apple)

A:  Not at all!!! The app works nearly 100% identical on both operating systems! Plus, I used my iPad in the tutorials.  The only difference is the tools screen is shorter and wider than what you'll see on your phone screen.

Q:  Is there a time limit on my access?

A:  Nope!  You can work at your own pace and you will have lifetime access to the tutorials for as long as I am running this company...which I have NO plans of that ever changing!

Q: What if I have questions about what I'm learning?

A:  Feel free to join my free Facebook group and ask me your questions in there!

Ready to Create KICKA$$ Images from your Smartphone that will make your biz stand out and will attract your ideal customers?!