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Get Your Tint On

By Amy

Jul 19

Photo Tinting for iphone & Android

Do you love those photos that seem to have a semi-transparent color overlay on their photos?

Have you wondered how to get it?

I've got 2 video tutorials today showing you various ways to create a photo tint for your blog images!

The iPhone tutorial uses the app Over and the tutorial on Android uses the app Photo Editor.

Get Your Tint On: Make Your Blog Photos Stand Out | Photo Tint | Image Tint

Photo Tint for Android in Photo Editor

Hi this Amy from Learn Blog Photography. Today I am going to answer the question posed by a member of the Learn Blog Photography Facebook Group asking how to add a tint to your photo.

So I am currently on my Samsung Galaxy S7 and my current favorite photo editing app is Photo Editor. You can see the app image here on the left hand corner of my phone screen.

I am going to open that up. And then I am going to go to photos. Select a basic photo that is all white just to show you the best representation of how to use this app.

There is a couple different ways to tint a photo using this app.

At the bottom you can see several different options. I am going to scroll over to text/image and I am going to hit the + sign. I will select the odd shape (not sure what it’s supposed to exactly be), but it is the one next to the smiley face.

An added bonus is that since I have been using this app a lot, it knows my preferences. I typically use the square so I will select that

Now I will select the partial square with the pencil in the middle. This will open your ability to edit it.

So once I pick the shape, the color fill will automatically select what I used last, which was pink. So if I click on the “Fill” button at the top, and then pick either the top or the bottom (or eventually do this for both) so I can chose a different color. I can either type in the hex code there at the top where you see all those letters, or you can have favorited your colors by entering them and selecting the star which gives me a inventory of my brand colors here to select from. By tapping the multi-colored item at the top is gives you a full range of colors to pick from.

So let’s try the blue one. You see here where it says ‘Opacity’. I can bring that down, slide it back up and get it to where I want it. Once I like it, select OK.

I don’t want the grading to change, so I click OK.

Shadow I am not going to use because that will fill the entire picture.

Outline I am not going to use, but you can tap on these and see what they do.

So you can see that this is tinting the whole photo, since I had brought that opacity down. It is not completely the solid color, it’s allowing the detail from the photo to shine through. But I can go back and hit the ‘Edit’ button again and I can turn the opacity up more if I don’t want quite as much. Hit apply. The higher I turn it up, the more it’s going to change the color and block out what’s behind it.

You see right beside opacity, it says normal. That is another thing you can adjust here on this app. It is set to blend mode normal. You can play with the different options.

The overlay setting in this app is probably what you want. Lets apply it and see that it kind of blends your color choice with what was underneath so it doesn’t block quite as much of the detail of your photo.

Other apps I am sure can do this, but this is the app that I am loving, loving, loving, right now. And the best part about it is that it is free and it does amazing things. So check it out. Photo Editor is what it is called, I am loving it.

Going back to edit, if I don’t like it, I can hit delete and it will get rid of just that. Let’s go ahead and edit it back in because I like it.

That is for the normal, overlay. I like that.

The other thing you can do here is in the bottom right where it looks like two sheets of paper, I can click this and I can rearrange them which since there is only two things it won’t make sense. I can also hide a layer. I can say “maybe I like that, but let’s try something else and let’s see what doing the same thing with the pink looks like”.

Let’s go back and change that to overlay. Alright, so if I like the pink better .. oh that is pretty cool it gives me purple. Pink + blue gave me purple.

You can play around with this and do all kinds of things. You can even create templates for yourself, so you can add more photos and rearrange them because you already have your template for the pink overlay/blue overlay. You can add text and hide the different layers so you only bring up the ones you like. This gives you so many options because you can mix and match the layers.

I have barely even touched the surface of what this app can do for you.

So that is how you can do this on Samsung using Photo Editor.

One of things I look for in particular is the ability to change the hex code. I can go up here and even copy the hex code. I can then change this code here (ex. FFFFFF is going to give you white and #000000 gives you all black) and obviously there are a million options in between. But it allows you do this color picker so if you have other colors in the photo, you could pick that specific color. So let’s see, maybe go to this dark section here and get a slightly different color. That is cool. Allows you to add color and favorite by hitting the star.

That is just a quick overview on tinting your photos using the photo editor on a Samsung.

Let me know if you have any questions and I will be coming back to you shortly with the app that I love on the iPhone and show you how to easily do it on there too.

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Get Your Tint On: Make Your Blog Photos Stand Out | Photo Tint | Image Tint

Photo Tint for iPhone In the Over App

Ok, hopefully you have already seen this tutorial for Android. Now I am going to show you the tutorial using the app Over on the iPhone.

The apps work a little differently but the general idea will be the same.

First step is to open the image you would like to add a tint to from your photos in the Over app.

Next, you’re going to hit Edit.

You can click “Filter” which I am sure you are already aware of, but that is not what we are here for.

What I want to show you is how to tint your photo using a few different methods manually.

Adding a shape over your photo

Let’s add a shape over top of our photo. So if we put the object over it you have a couple of options.

Let’s start by changing the color first.

Again, I love this app because you can pick your specific hex color to match your brand

Now, one thing you can do is change the opacity of that shape.

Or go down to the blend mode which allows you to combine the color from the shape and your photo.

You get something simple or something quite different depending on what you pick. Again it’s going to be just based on the look you are trying to achieve.

I personally avoid this blend mode and I just use the opacity and drop that down. But obviously it is up to you.

I love this app because you can move layers around as well.

They offer a tint option so you can fix the color.

Let’s say you want that pink. And again it’s essentially what I just showed you just using a different method.

So this app gives you a couple different ways to tint:

  1. Use the tint function.

  2. You can add an object over it and change that color and change the opacity.

  3. Or use the blend mode to add the two together.

Love to know if you have any questions. Add them into the comments below. Have a great night.

Let me know what questions you have and I'll create a tutorial for you too!​

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