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Killer Posing Tips for Women and Men

By Amy

Aug 17

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Killer Posing Tips

Posing is not something that comes easy for most people.

If you’re like me and you’re more comfortable being behind the camera than in front of it, don’t worry.  I recently decided it was time to get photos taken of me to include on my website.  So, if you’re reading this, there’s a pretty good chance the photos you’re seeing are brand spank’n new…at least at the time I’m writing this.  

What’s Your Reason?

You may have different reasons for not wanting to get in front of the camera than I do, but if I can suck it up, then so can you.  You may not like some portion of your body, or you may be shy.  Whatever the case is, if I can do it, you can too.  (If you’re going to be joining my 5 Day Photo Challenge that starts next week, then here’s a sneak peek at something I talk about…) When viewing a photo, the viewer will connect the strongest when the photo includes a person.  That being said, people connect better with a brand when there’s a person involved too.  So, I had to get past the fact that I’ve put on more weight than I care to admit lately and got I in front of the camera.  

Is it time for you to get in front of the camera too? If you’re wondering…

“How should I pose?” or “What should I do with my arms?”

Then keep reading!  Whether you’re going to pose for a selfie or hiring a photographer, having a better understanding of how to pose will help you to relax during the shoot!

Non-Gender specific tips

Bend your Arms and Legs


Building off my last post on Triangles, you will want to bend those joints.  By bending your arms and legs, you will create angles which is much more visually appealing than straight (…aka boring)  arms and legs.

Keep hands away from face

You hands are roughly as large as your face.  Because of this, you don’t want your hands near your face when posing for a photo because they will compete for attention.  In addition, if you hands are closer to the camera than you body/face they will appear even larger.  Remember, items closer to the camera appear larger than those things farther away.  If you hands are already as large as your face, bringing them closer to the camera will accentuate that even more.

Push Chin down and out

When posing, most people try to stand up tall for photos which causes them to tilt their heads back.  All this does, is hides the definition of your jaw line and let’s us look up your nose…Yuck! No one wants that! Pushing your head forward and pointing your chin down improves your jawline, reduces the risk of us checking for hidden treasures, and eliminates double chins.  Score!!

Change things up

Make sure you mix up your poses.  It’ll get boring if you stick to the same pose each time.  Try moving the position of your hands, adding props, sitting, standing, turn your back to the camera, etc.  

Change the angle of the shot. Take a photo from above, from the side, etc.  

Change your eye contact. Sometimes look straight at the camera and other times look to the side.

Get creative and if you’re stumped look through photo websites or on Pinterest. You’ll be able to find ideas that you like.

General tips for Posing Women of any size


-Gently lean towards the camera from the waist

-Make sure the camera is slightly higher than the woman in the picture

-Angle the back shoulder ⅔ turn away from the camera

-Hands on hips and elbows away from your body to accentuate the woman’s curves.

-Shift weight to back foot and keep the front foot pointing in the same direction as the shoulders and hips.

Tips for Posing Plus Sized Women

Learn Blog Phtography

-Chin down, head pushed slightly forward…no different than the tips for general posing.

-Shoot from 1 foot above so she looks up to the camera which will slim her face.

-Use something to obscure her body (stand looking out from behind a tree, be creative with the crop, hold something, etc…)  This is not to say you should be ashamed of your body, but if you’re looking for other options, this is one.

-Bend elbows, but the placement will depend on the person.  Sometimes, elbows at your side with push the excess out and make it look larger and other times, it will help to keep them close.  Try multiple positions to see which will work best with you.   

-Use VERY soft light

-DO NOT squaring off to the camera.

-If you have a lot of weight in her hips/butt region, do not put all of your weight on the back foot. This will accentuate that area.  Try placing your weight more evenly distributed, but this will also be an individual decision.  Try both and see what looks best for you!

General tips for Posing Men


-Shoot men straight on

-Shoot from same height or a slightly lower angle to create a sense of power and authority

-Hands in pockets- keep a thumb out or stick thumb in pocket and keep fingers out

-Fold arms across chest

Do you feel better about posing for your next photo shoot?  If you have any questions, please feel free to leave me a comment below! I will answer you personally!

Are you looking for additional help?

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