Quick Natural Light Photography Setup

By Amy

Mar 15

Great blog photos

No Fancy Equipment required 

Do you think you can't get great blog photos because all you use is your smartphone?

Helllllo...smartphones have fabulous cameras now!

All you need is some indirect sunlight, a window, your props and your smartphone.

Let me show you how easy it can be!​

natural light blog photos

Quick & Easy Natural Light Photo Setup

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Natural Light Photo Shoot Setup

I am going to go over a quick and easy photo set that you can do in your own home.

My set up right near a very large window. Yours may not be this big, but ultimately it doesn’t have to be huge.

Other large sources of light that work well are sliding glass doors, but a regular sized window would also work.​

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Natural Light Source

Right in front of the window I have my set up on a chair. The chair is also on an angle so I have some directional light coming at the set up. I just placed a few items here to play with.

Basically what you’re going to do is make sure you have enough light. When you go to take the photo, your camera setting can allow you to adjust the exposure setting. So make sure you like the exposure before taking the photo.

Make Sure It's Bright Enough

If you can't adjust it in camera enough, then you will need to wait for a brighter day, a brighter time of day, or add artificial light.  ​

I don’t think you can actually see my camera screen, but I would tap on the item that I want in focus and then I can slide my finger up and down to change the exposure. I don’t want it to be too bright so I will play with the up and down feature on my camera.

Mix It Up - Get Creative

Then you can change the angle and take photos from different directions. I can spin it around and get more of a vertical shot. I can come down over the top of it and take a photo from this direction.

Also, you can mix things up and you can add more props into the scene, or take some away. In addition, you can also rearrange and move the prompts around as well.

You can also blur out the background props and make the props in the front appear in focus. That would be using a different app but very simple to do. The app is called After Focus and since I have done a tutorial for that, you can find the link to it here.

So, that was a simple quick and easy photo set up which will work great for adding props for any blog post or if you are doing product photography.

natural light blog photos

Backdrop options

The backdrop can also be different. I had a chair with a very simple background and it was also textured. I felt it was a great way to add a bit of oomph to the simple setup that I had.

You could use many other different things such as:

- Sheet

- Paper

- Computer screen with a whimsical/funny background

- Wall

- Table

Anything that you can think of really and be creative!

That is just a great way to very quickly and easily do a photo session for whatever you need to photograph.

Let me know if you have any questions or would like me to go into anything in more detail.

I will see you next week!

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