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Create Bright White Backgrounds Using Selective Edits

By Amy

Jan 26

Take your photos to the next level

​Did you know even professionals edit photos before sharing them?

Learn this quick and easy way to edit your photos to achieve the bright white backgrounds!

It only takes your cell phone and this FREE photo editing app!

Do you use the Google Snapseed app for editing? If not, you really should!

Here’re the links if you need them…Google Play and iTunes - Apple. (These are not affiliate links.)

Selective Edits photo editing

My Favorite FREE Photo Editing APP

One of the things that makes this app so great is that is FREE!

It is also super powerful photo editor! It should be able to get you at least 98% of the way to creating a blog-worthy image.

Two notes:

- I don’t recommend using the fonts. If you are looking for impressive font features, I would suggest other apps such as Over, Pixlr, Font Candy, or Canva,

- I also am not a fan of the healing tool. If you are looking for something better I suggest the TouchRetouch app (Apple/iTunes or Google Play)

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Learn How Selective Edits Can Make Your Background Bright White

Wondering how to get your whites bright or your background pitch black?

Selective Edits photo editing

To create that crisp white background often seen in blogs (and above), your first thought may be to adjust the exposure or brightness.

However, this is going to edit the entire photo and you may not want the other aspects of the photo brightened.

In this instance, we want to be selective and apply edits to only the background.

Because of this, I recommend using the “selective tool”.

Selective Edits Tool​

If you have a picture and the overall exposure is too dark, you can start by adjusting the brightness, but then you may need to move to the selective tool to brighten only the white section.

This would be extremely helpful if the white background was showing up more of an off white or soft grey.

Once you have selected the selective tool, you’re going to tap on the white areas on your photo.

selective edits

Next, you’ll want to adjust the size of your selective tool by pinching your fingers together or spreading your fingers wider.

Then, you’re going to slide your finger up or down to select brightness, contrast, or saturation.

Start with brightness.

It will probably help you the most.

To increase the brightness, slide your finger to the right; to decrease you slide your finger to the left.

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Play around with those 3 settings and you should be able to get the white portion of your photo nice and bright.

This is perfect for matching your photo border to your blog so it looks like it seamlessly blends into the background.

Even if you increase the size of the editing area, you still may need to use several points.  

So, to add additional points tap the + at the bottom and tap the area on the photo to add another editing location.

As you can see, I have added several localized/selective editing locations and each spot has it's own level of adjustment.

selective edits
selective edits
selective edits

Using the selective edits tool can be helpful if you want that “floating head” look where it appears to be just the person and then the rest of the background is all white.

Selective edits tool is also great for product or food photography photos as well when you want a crisp background.

To Create A Black Background​

If you want a pitch black background, this selective tool will work well with that too.

You just pick the spot on the background.

If it’s a color other than black/gray you will need to take the saturation all the way down first.

Then, adjust the brightness by decreasing it as well.

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