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SmartPhone Photographers Start Here

no fancy camera needed

Welcome Smartphone Photographers!

Smartphone users, I love that you want to take your website's photos into your own hands!
That's awesome! Who knows better about what you want than you?!
Do you feel like you don't have the knowledge or the perfect equipment?
Start by reading the posts linked on this page and it'll give you a great starting place for taking great website photos with your smartphone!!
Seriously, it'll be ok!
I created this website, because I want you to realize that you don't need the fancy equipment used by professionals to take great website photos!
Are you ready to learn how? Keep reading!!

What you're teaching all of us in the group is how to improve their blogs/websites in order to bring more readers/business. What you're doing is awesome! I love how people are willing to share their knowledge in order for others to succeed. Their success in essence is yours also. Keep doing what you're doing Amy

Miriam Rosario Blogger

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Miscellaneous Help:

For iPhone Users

(but honestly most of the advice is applicable to any smartphone user.)

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