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Use Your Smartphone to take Fabulous Website Photos

By Amy

Aug 04

Use your smartphone to take fabulous website photos

Often times, you may feel as a newer entrepreneur/blogger that your only option for great website photos is to use photos from stock photo websites.  Why would you think this?  Usually you feel limited due to a lack of money, but it can also be because you don’t feel you have the right equipment for great photos.  I want you to know that I can disprove both of these concerns and I’ll tell you why.

Why You Don’t Need Stock Photos

As a new entrepreneur/blogger, your time to work on your business is usually very limited!  You’re usually still working in your career, or going to school, and often times you have a lot of commitments to maintain with family and friends.  Regardless of your specific situation, your time is valuable! If you’re like most newer entrepreneur/bloggers, you’re probably using stock photo sites for your website’s photos.  However, have you ever tallied up how much time you actually spend scanning page after page of those stock photo sites?  I’ll bet you spend more time than…Read More

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