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Tutorial: Snapseed’s Lens Blur Tool

By Amy

Nov 09

Blur your background 

Snapseed is an amazing editing app!

Honestly, I'm impressed it's offered for FREE!!

Did you know it will help you get the blurry background typically found with fancy camera's?


Sweet deal! Right?!


​Photo courtesy of Miriam Rosario @ www.MiriamKnows.com

#snapseed has a great tool for getting the blurry background typically found with fancy cameras! http://wp.me/p7IY3K-dX

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Lens Blur Tutorial

​Elliptical Tool

Google’s Snapseed app can be downloaded for both Android and iPhone users.

There are many editing options within it, but what we're going over today is strictly the lens blur tool.​

To get to the editing options, tap the edit icon in the bottom right corner.  It's the circle with the pen in it.

Scroll down and under the filters tab you are going to tap "lens blur".

It will automatically center the lens blur tool over a face. 

So to start with, if you want to move the actual point of origin, you would touch that blue circle and move it to any point you want in the photo.

​Anything within the inner circle will remain in focus.

Anything outside of the outer most circle will the out of focus.​

By placing two fingers inside the circle, above and below the dot and spreading your fingers apart it'll stretch out that circle and make it more of an ellipse.

Now the other thing that you can do is put your fingers on either side of the dot and spread it out making the tool wider.

If you twist your fingers you can change the angle. 

In between the two circles is an area that’s called the transition area.

It will not be fully in focus or out of focus, but will transition between the two.

In general, you want a fairly large transition to make it look natural. 

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​Transition / Blur Strength

Next, tap the screen and slide your finger up or down to see other options you can change, including blur strength and transition.

By doing this, you can change the blur strength which is everything outside of this largest circle. If you slide your finger to the right, it’s going to increase how blurry it is. And if you slide your finger to the left, it’s going to decrease the blur strength.

Now if we wanted to change the intensity of the transition itself we would touch again and slide our finger up to get the transition. Then slide your finger right and that will make the distance between the circle increase and the transitional area is increased.

​Linear Tool

The other thing you can do is change the shape of blur tool.

By clicking the little target symbol where it says elliptical, you get the linear version.

You'll adjust it the same way as the elliptical tool.  

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