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Touch Retouch Tutorial Update

By Amy

Nov 02

Sweet new options!

Recently, I recorded a video tutorial on the app Touch Retouch.

​Touch Retouch is an editing app found in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store

Of course, not long after I recorded it, they completely overhauled the look and created some new options.

So, I'm BACK! 

Updated tutorial and all. 

If you want to see the original, it's still available here.

editing app

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Touch Retouch Update

​The opening screen allows you to pick from tutorials, opening a photo from your albums, or if you've already started a photo, you can continue where you left off.

They've got about 5 tutorials, which are nice and short. 

​Line/Segment Remover

So one of the new features at the bottom you can see is the line removal tool.

You have a couple of options: you can do full line removal or just a segment.

You can zoom in by using two fingers and spreading them apart or you can move the photo around by using two fingers and pulling to the side.

At the bottom you can tap the settings and can change how thick or thin the line detection is.

You'll drag your finger along the line you want to remove and you don't even have to be exact.  I was kind of off, and poof! It found the line and took away the hole thing. All I did was draw one little line and it didn’t even get on it.

The segment remover works similarly, but it will only remove the little portion that you highlighted.

That is a cool new tool that is included in this recent update!

Touch Retouch app video update! Cool new tools to check out!

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​Object remover

So you can pick the object remover and then you have a couple options like before the brush and lasso. The settings will help change the size of the brush so you can just pan over the object you want removed, then hit ‘go’ and poof.

You can always play around with it a little bit, always hit undo. Take it back if you don't like the first change.

Nothing says it’s going to be perfect the first time, you can play around. 

​Blemish Remover

One of the cool new tools is the under the quick repair and the blemish remover.  

By tapping on the settings and you can change the size. All you have to do is tap on the blemishes and poof! They are gone.

Apparently you don’t even have to be extremely accurate because I am missing all of them.

​Clone Stamp - Mirroring

Another cool option is that they have given you is this clone stamp. 

What is cool is the options here for mirroring. I could always put it on him, and just paint a second one of him in thought or something up in the corner.

But with this mirroring option you can change it. So I can flip it to horizontal and now he’s looking out the other way.

If I do vertical, now it’s going to flip him upside down.

If I go with diagonal, kind of flips him upside down and over.

Just some cool new tools that they’ve included in this current update.

You can still tap at the top, that second from the right, where there is a full box and half box, kind of next to it and see the changes that you have made.

When you are all set, tap that icon on the top right and it gives you call kinds of options with what you would like to do with it.

There you go. That is the updated version of the touch retouch app.

I have to say I’m fairly impressed by it. I’d love to see what you have done, the changes that you’ve made in your photos.

Either post them up in the comments section below or post them in the Facebook group.

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