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Video Tutorial: Remove Photo Distractions with TouchRetouch

By Amy

Sep 28

Don't Settle!

Remove distractions 

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Touch Retouch is an editing app found in the Google Play Store and Apple's App Store.  

This app stands out from the others because it is able to clone out unwanted objects from your photos

Want to learn how to use this powerful tool?

Keep reading or watch the video to learn more!

touch retouch app

Simplify your editing 

I love digging in deep and editing in Photoshop, but it's not always practical. 

I always have my phone on me, and with that comes a camera and an amazing amount of app options for editing.

Surprisingly, the power of editing apps have come a long way since the beginning.​

If you haven't started editing your phone pics, you're missing out!

Don't miss the chance to take a ho-hum photo and turn it into WOW!​

I mean, what have you got to do while standing in line at the checkout. Use that time wisely and edit a good photo to make it great!​

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Great video tutorial: Removing unwanted items from your photos using the TouchRetouch app! Check it out!

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Touch Retouch How-To:

After opening the app, decide if you're taking a picture or opening from your photo library.

Once you have the photo selected, now the fun begins!!

touch retouch app tutorial

Let's start with a few basics.... the arrow arcing to the left, at the top of your screen will undo any actions you don't like, so feel free to experiment.  The arcing arrow to the right will redo any changes you decide you actually liked. (Once edits have been made, these options will be highlighted and available to use)

If you wish to pick a different photo, click the little folder in the top left corner.

Once you're happy with your edits, touch the little disk icon in the bottom right corner to save your edits.  At this point, you can pick to automatically upload to a couple popular social media sites as well.

On to the nitty-gritty!

What you decide to change will depend on the photo in front of you and what exactly you wish to change. 

If you want to move the photo around, select the little hand tool at the bottom of the screen.  This could be handy if your photo is very large. 

Lasso, Brush & Eraser​

At the bottom left you will see several icons...a lasso, a brush, a pencil eraser.

The lasso will allow you to draw around the object you wish to remove.  Everything within the lasso will be highlighted for removal.

The pencil eraser will allow you to fine tune the highlighted area and erase sections you may not have wanted highlighted.

The brush tool is another way to highlight what you want to remove.  When you touch the brush tool, a slider will pop up that will allow you to adjust the size of the brush for further editing.  Keep in mind, you can always use the eraser tool to fine tune it before you hit go.

Keep in mind, when you're editing to remove an object, you will likely want to have an area slightly larger than the object you're removing highlighted.  This will give the app a little more information when it works its magic!

​Once you're happy with the highlighted area, tap the triangle (play button) at the bottom and watch it work its magic!  Don't forget, if you don't like it you can always highlight the area again and let it work its magic, or hit the undo button at the top.

Clone Tool​

The other option for removing an object is the clone tool.  It's at the​ bottom on the right; it looks like a stamp.  

touch retouch app tutorial

Clone Tool Options

touch retouch app tutorial

Far left option

touch retouch app tutorial

Second from left (dotted)

touch retouch app tutorial

Middle Option

touch retouch app tutorial

Second from the Right

touch retouch app tutorial

Far Right

There are several options with the clone tool.  To start you have to pick your source option.  There are 5 options to pick from.  Each has a slightly different look. The difference in them lies in the opacity (meaning is it full strength or ghosted looking) or the feathering (full strength in the center and gradually fading out versus full strength from the middle to the edge.) 

Once you've picked a tool, you can adjust the size of it by adjusting the slider.  Then, you place the source circle over the place you want to copy.  In this case I placed the tool in the open space as you can see.  Then, I swiped my finger over the location I want to paint the turquoise color.  I could've easily reversed it and placed the source over the candle and swiped in the open space.  This would've given me another candle there.

Keep in mind, this app is quite good, but it's not perfect.  T​o make very detailed edits, you will probably need a more powerful editing program.  However, this is a great start!

​Now go edit your own photo!  Then share your before and after in our Facebook group or back here in the comments!!

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