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Triangles Rock Your Photo’s Composition

By Amy

Jun 07

Improve your Composition with triangles

Triangles are everywhere in photography.

Have you noticed them?

No, probably not, but that’s ok.

Triangles can be literal or implied.

Keep reading to see how you can use triangles in your blog photos.

triangles composition

Where do you find Triangles?

Triangles can be found in architectural structures and/or in the relationship between your subjects.

Therefore, don’t be surprised that you’ve been missing them.

Subconsciously, you may have noticed them as you admired a photo that exhibits triangles, even if you didn’t acknowledge it.

Why use triangles?

Triangles take advantage of angles and leading lines to make the photo more interesting, visually appealing, and they help draw your eye to the subjects.

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triangles composition

Triangles in Photography

Think hard, you’ve probably heard of the design principle that says odd numbers are better and more visually appealing than even numbers. So let’s take this a step further...

By combining the three items, you can increase the visual appeal by linking the three points into a triangle. Linking the points to create a triangle will make your photos feel more stable, or unstable...depending on the photo.

When the long end of the base is at the bottom and the apex at the top, this is very stable.

When the triangle is on it’s side or upside down, this is perceived as less stable, but still appealing.

triangles in composition

Here you can see, the triangle is created by the mom and her 2 daughters cuddling together.

In this photo, the triangle is created by the interaction of three people, but triangles can be created by a single person by bending their arms.

This photo creates a very stable feeling.​

triangles in composition

In this photo, the boy's arms help create the triangle. Another option to create arms include bringing your arms behind your head and placing your arms out to the sides of you.

Keep in mind, bent arms are better than straight arms in photos; again, it's visually more appealing.

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How do you include triangles?

Don’t forget, triangles can be anywhere…

They can be included as part of the background, found in architecture, in the relationship between props or subjects, and in the setup of your model themselves.

We already discussed how triangles are found with a single or multiple person photo, but now let's dive into photos that don't include people.

In the above shot, there are triangles everywhere! The overall scene has the large triangle, but there are also smaller triangles in the overhead crossing beams, and coming from the center of the bandshell extending along the edges of the grass towards the camera.

Triangles in composition

In the above photo, the pencils exhibit a great example of triangles, with a triangle created in almost each of the negative spaces between the pencils.

Keep in mind the triangles created or perceived in photos are not always perfect, equilateral triangles they can extend beyond the frame for an implied union.

Below you can see an unstable triangle since it is created by water tower and beautiful sunset and places the triangle on its side.

triangle composition

Below you can see an example of a blog post in the flatlay style. It shows how you can use the props to create multiple triangles.

triangles composition

In this photo, the triangle is created by the alignment of pencils in the frame.

triangles composition

Have you noticed there's a common theme here....triangles and angles are found throughout photography in multiple ways.

We can use props, architecture and/or our bodies to create angles and triangles to increase visual appeal and interest!

Did you get some ideas on ways you can include triangles in your photos?

Every niche is different, so give it some thought and I know you'll be able to come up with something appealing!

What props can you use to create angles and triangles for your next website photo?

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