Watermark: Protect Your Website’s Photos

By Amy

Sep 21

Protect your photos:


Your property is valuable. 

Why wouldn't you want to protect it?

Check out this quick and easy video tutorial so you can add your biz's watermark to your photos before uploading them for the world to see.

And learn how to easily add the same watermark to any photo in less than 5 seconds.

The Watermark app in this tutorial is found in the Apple App Store​ for FREE!


Watermark your copyright 

I know at this point, you're may be thinking...I don't care if someone steals my photos, it'll get them out in front of a lot more people.


They are YOUR property.  Would you really want someone to take your photo and start smearing their own company's, thoughts or ideas all over it?

It seems like it's no big idea, but really....They could be saying things that you would never want associated with your biz.

Take every step you can to keep you biz covered!

Don't get me wrong...

It doesn't mean that they can't take your photo and crop off the copyright info, but it's just another step to deter them.

I sure don't want anyone taking a photo that I took and turning around to create a disgusting meme out of it. ​ 

Quickly and easily watermark your biz's photos using this app.  Check out the video tutorial here. http://wp.me/p7IY3K-a6

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Watermark App How-T0

This is SUPER simple!!

Open the app and if this is the first time you're creating a watermark, you can start with the tutorial.

Otherwise, click at the bottom on the magic wand (looking thing).

This will open your photo app where you'll select the photo you want to edit.

Next, you can change the orientation of the photo, in a sense it is allowing you to crop is into a square, landscape or portrait orientation.

Click "Next" in the upper right corner.

At the bottom you'll see option for copyright watermarks in the middle of the pic.  These are major deterrents because it would be more difficult to remove from your photos, but could still be done.

However, these options are also more distraction and will take away from your photo.  

I prefer to go with a simple copyright symbol and my biz name at the bottom in a corner.

BUT, it's your preference that matters!

If you tap on one of the options at the bottom, it will bring up the copyright symbol you see and will allow you to edit it.

Otherwise, if you tap the "A", you can pick your color and the font style.  Some options listed as "premium" will cost extra to use.

Once you have selected the color and font, you will see the "c" symbol and the words "Double tap to edit".  Double tap on it and type your biz name.  

You can then pull it to where ever you want it to sit in the photo.

To fine tune it you can tap the slider button in the bottom left corner.  This will drop the options panel and will further allow you to customize where the logo is placed.  

The slider with change the opacity of the the logo.  This means it will make it appeared ghosted and the color less intense, which is nice so that it doesn't detract from the fabulous photo you shot!!

The left/right, up/down arrows towards the left at the bottom will also help to fine tune placement of the copyright information on the photo.  

If you have multiple ​layers, you can use the far right 2 buttons at the bottom to bring it forward or backwards in the layering system.  With this tutorial, we only have the one layer, so this isn't helpful.

If you want to return to the color and font panel, you can click the little checkmark at the bottom center.

If you like what you have, click save in the top right corner.

I have only the camera roll option active, you may wish to activate the other options.

Then, click done.

In the video I also mention how to use the same watermark on a future photo.​

​After clicking done, you will see all of the photos you have applied a watermark to.

watermark copyright for photos

If you want to apply the same watermark to another photo, click the plus sign with the circle around it and then pick your photo from the photos app.

The photo you pick will automatically have the same watermark.  

However, if the photo is in the portrait orientation (taller versus longer) you may not be able to see it without minimizing ​the details at the bottom.  I find it's easiest to do by tapping the tuning button and then tapping the photo itself.   This will minimize the options. 

If you've already ​have a watermark you like and you're wanting to add it to another photo in the future, once you open the app, tap the photo icon at the bottom.  

This will ​open up the watermarks/photos you've done in the past and will allow you to easily tap what we'll call it the redo button (plus sign with the circle around it), choose your photo and repeat!

watermark copyright for photos

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